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Realities Program: Teaching Crucial Life Skills

At Willows Way, we strongly believe that everyone should have access to the tools and knowledge necessary for independent living. In 1995, Willows Way expanded its scope of services to include people needing 2-8 hours of support a week. The Realities program grew out of that service, designed to specifically meet the individual’s needs, choices, desires, hopes, and preferences in daily living. 

Support and instruction in activities of daily living encourage personal growth and independence in the home environment. Individuals who seek greater exposure to community activities, socialization, and interpersonal communication skills development will benefit from the customized person-centered approach.

Individuals may self-refer for services or be referred by family, case management, or other entities. The program is funded by the Developmental Disabilities Resource Board (DDRB) of St. Charles County. Currently, Willows Way is the largest Independent Supported Living Assistance (ISLA) provider in St. Charles County, serving 70 individuals.

Our Realities program is designed to assist individuals in acquiring everyday skills like menu planning and problem-solving.

Offer Menu Planning Ideas for a Healthier Life
Assist in Roommate and House Searches
Help with Doctor’s Visits and Keeping Track of Prescription Medications
Help with Advocacy and Case Management
Assistance with Budgeting and Managing Bill Payment Strategies
Teach Problem-Solving Skills

Do you qualify for the Realities Program?

Does this program sound like it may be the right fit for you? To join the Realities Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently living independently (without family members) or preparing for independent living.
  • A current resident of St. Charles County.
  • Eligible for services from the Department of Mental Health (DMH) or the Developmental Disabilities Resource Board of St. Charles County (DDRB).

If this is you, please contact us today to get started!

Questions About the Realities Program?

Contact Melodee Benton if you have questions regarding the Realities Program or to see if you qualify.

Melodee Benton

Melodee Benton

Director of Independent Living