Giving Back Through Willows Way Holiday Squad Annual Gift Fund

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Help Us Make the Holidays a Little Brighter

Willows Way takes pride in giving back to our clients and their families, which brings us immense joy. We’ve organized the Willows Way Holiday Squad drive to spread this joy. This annual drive allows our friends and supporters to participate in the holiday festivities.

Through our drive, we have collected and distributed gifts to more than 30 clients each year.

How It Works

Supporters are encouraged to participate in the Willows Way Holiday Squad Gift drive to help make the holiday a little brighter for our clients. They can do so one of two ways.

Shop On Your Own

Each volunteer may go to the signup genius document and choose a gift(s) to purchase. They will have the gift sent to Willows Way. We strongly encourage volunteers to purchase one or more items from the wish list. The staff at Willows Way will distribute the gifts to the assigned person.

Give the Gift of Money

If you’re not much of a shopper and would still like to give back, don’t worry! We can do the shopping for you. All you need to do is donate via cash or check to the Willows-Way Holiday Squad fund by December 19th.

Make an Impact This Season

The gifts make me happy. I appreciate being in the program and having someone looking out for me. With the gifts, I am able to go out into the community and purchase things I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.


The clothes have always been wonderful. The gifts make me appreciate that others care enough to remember me. I am able to think of what I can do to help others.


I’m not a kid, but I like presents. And, Christmas isn’t just about presents anyway, it’s about Jesus’s birthday!