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Individualized Supported Living: Independent Living with Support

We recognize that achieving independence varies for each person. Some may require around-the-clock assistance, while others may need less support. That’s why our Individualized Supported Living program is customized to meet the unique needs of each eligible individual.

Our clients can depend on professional, personalized assistance to confidently live independently. This ensures that family members and guardians have peace of mind, knowing their loved one is leading their best life in a safe and caring home.

How can an Individualized Supported Living Support Coordinator help you?

Individualized Supported Living assistance is based on the individual’s needs and focuses on many interest areas, including recreational, social, medical, personal care, transportation, or financial and budget planning. Support may include:

Menu planning ideas for a healthy life

Building cooking skills
Roommate and housing searches
Transportation services
Help with doctor visits and keeping track of prescription medication
Help with advocacy support
Budget support and assistance managing bill payments
Problem-solving skills
Social and recreational activities

Do you qualify for Individualized Supported Living Assistance?

Does our Individualized Supported Living support sound like something that would benefit you? See if you meet the following criteria for support.

  • Wish to live in your own home (alone or with others).
  • Need qualified staff to assist you in taking that independent step of living on your own.
  • Wish to reside in the Greater St. Charles or St. Louis regions.
  • Eligible for services from the Department of Mental Health (DMH).

If this is you, please contact us today to get started!

Questions About Individualized Supported Living Assistance?

Contact Laura Davis if you have questions regarding our Individualized Supported Living services or if you qualify.
Laura Davis

Laura Davis

Director of Supported Living