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Individualized Supported Living

Dawn Zeligman

Dawn Zeligman
Associate Director

636.757.0545 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Individualized Supported Living
Living On My Own With Your Help...

The Willows Way ISL program provides customized in-home services 24 hours a day to approved individuals.

Are you qualified to join the the Willows Way Individualized Supported Living Program?

  • Do you wish to live in your own home, either with others or by yourself, or but need qualified staff to physically assist you in taking that independent step?
  • Would you prefer to live with supports provided by one family, as part of that family household?
  • Do you wish to reside in the Greater St Charles or St Louis regions of Missouri?
  • Are you eligible for services from the Department of Mental Health? 

What are some of the ways a Willows Way Support Coordinator can help you?

Supports are developed based on individualized needs assessments, and focus on many interest areas, such as recreational needs, social needs, medical needs, personal care needs, transportation needs, or financial/budget planning needs.  Supports may include:

  • Menu planning ideas for healthier living
  • Cooking
  • Roommate and house searches
  • Transportation
  • Help with doctor’s visits, keeping track of prescription medications
  • Help with advocacy and case management
  • Budgeting, and managing bill payment
  • Problem solving
  • Social and recreational activities