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To clients, families, staff and community,

I want the share with you the latest action steps being taken by Willows Way to protect the health of our clients and our staff.

Administrative Office:

  • Our office will remain open, however, we are we are asking most employees to work remotely where possible and limiting visitors to the office to essential business only. For those who will remain in the office, we have put in place strict social distancing parameters.
  • Our administrative office is also serving as a distribution center for our clients for difficult to locate items such as:  toilet paper, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and food, if necessary.
  • If staff are required to quarantine based on medical instruction, employees will be paid through the course of their quarantine.
  • Staff who work in programs that have temporarily closed are being reassigned to residential services to ensure we able to meet the needs of our clients and the employee does not lose wages.

Independent Supported Living (Residential):

Residential services are continuing with the following guidelines as March 12, 2020:  

  • Community activities will be limited to only outside areas such as park-like settings.  Staff are to complete shopping and other necessary community tasks without client participation.  Clients are encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Heightened hygiene and environmental cleaning guideline have been implemented in every home.
  • All direct care staff who are assigned and working with individuals will report if they themselves are experiencing any symptoms.  Staff have been instructed to immediately report if they are feeling ill. 
  • All clients are being closely monitored and screened throughout the day in accordance with CDC recommendations.  This includes, but is not limited to taking client temperatures twice daily and monitoring for unusual symptoms such as a cough.
  • We are asking family and community members to limit, or ideally postpone, visits.
  • We have emergency plans in place to address client care and staffing should conditions change.

RISE Day Program:

We are suspending services until at least March 31st.

Project HEART:

All classes are cancelled until at least March 31st.


  • We are working with our clients to determine those individuals most in need of service and will prioritize visits accordingly. 
  • We will provide financial assistance where needed to assure that clients are able to buy in bulk should they have to shelter-in-place.   We will also provide financial relief to clients who have lost wages due to this pandemic, so that they will be able to pay rent, utilities, etc.
  • Those who can safely be supported through virtual visits are working this week with staff to make sure the technology (apps) is in place and functional.  We will be able to support clients remotely and reduce face-to-face visits. 
  • We are not closing this vital program.  We will continue to support our clients as they need us.  Visits will be less often and for shorter durations, but we will assure the health and safety of every Realities participant.

We will continue to keep you informed as the situation unfolds. We are grateful for your ongoing patience, understanding and support in these challenging times.

Joy Steele
Executive Director
Willows Way
800 Friedens Road Suite 100
St Charles, Missouri 63303
636-757-0543 - office


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